Makin' Love Like Crazy

作詞 Jade & Steve I. : 作曲 Daisuke Hinata

Loungin on a sofa by the sand
drinkin mojito right under the sun
My body be burning and the girls fearing the tan.
The water be crisp and clear
you could see everything

そっと ささやく 波のように
ゆれる 心を 静めたいよ

I dreamed of this day one day just me and you alone
Don’t disturb because my phone roaming all over the world
Lets talk about life you had dreaming
today right here explains that we be living the dream

甘い 風の音を たどりながら
歩き 始めた いつのころか
September 出会った2人が
makin’ love like crazy

As the sun begins to set
the blue sky turn to orange then finally into pink,
what a moment.
Birds be flying back to where they sleep
and the water rises closer to our feet
every minute as we speak

明日を 写し出す 光あつめて
君を 照らしたい 守りたいよ

Peace and tranquil and no one here to peek
And island full of this makes you wanna rest and stay away
Reality, worries, work, school, and life
Never go back, but Im sorry
Thats life unlike all of this.

羽を 手に入れた 鳥のように
広い この空を 感じたいよ
November 舌と下からむ
makin’ love like crazy
makin’ love like crazy

夢見てるの 満たされてく
恵みの雨に 溶かされてく
忘れかけた あの記憶を
探しにゆこう 裸足のまま

October 手と手をつなぎ
November 舌と下からむ
December さよならの予感、でも
makin’ love like crazy, makin’ love like crazy..

September… October… November… December…
makin’ love like crazy
makin’ love like crazy
makin’ love like crazy . . .


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