True True (Acoustic Version 2)

作詞 Jade & Steve I. / Takahiro Maeda : 作曲 Daisuke Hinata

True true everything is true, Imma sing it from my heart that is true I do
皆もtoo 聞いてlisten to the words I gotta say that is true.
I cannot compare you to any other or could I dare for you to love somebody better.
No matter how old we get I’ll love you the same way like I did the first day.


True True そっとね True True そっとね

It’s a great morning the feeling I get when I wake up next to you in bed.
Knowing that we dreamed in the same space connected by something we cannot erase.
The years the laughs the tears and all I gave you was fears Im sorry girl.
So long it took so long it takes to patch up our wounds tears that I made today.


True True そっとね True True そっとね

Everyday I look at my phone. Seeing you not there gets me alone.
Many days has past, but it seems forever for even a minute to pass.
And I drink a glass of water to dazz out my past and say to myself that
your choice is the best unless my mind confesses that I was wrong so wrong girl


True True そっとね True True そっとね

So let me tell you the catch. Theres nobody better than you that I match.
The movies we watched the lessons we learned the number of times our hands just touched.
The kisses the misses the hi’s goodbyes and of course all the good nites.
Seeing you through the window of a train getting smaller and smaller hoping that you say.


True True そっとね True True そっとね
True True そっとね True True そっとね


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